Electrical & Maintenance Services



We are offering our customers recruitment demands of excellent Electricians. The manpower provided by us helps us in performing various functions that include installation, maintenance as well as repair of electrical wiring & electronic equipment. Further, these electricians also hold expertise in working indoors in buildings under construction, being repaired/altered as well as outdoors on projects like power supply cables and street lighting.

(i) Maintenance of the entire Electrical Networks inside the premises.

(ii) Coordination and liaison with the Agency maintaining the pre-paid billing system

(iii) Operation and maintenance of the entire diesel power generation system including the DG sets and all ancillary/peripherals/auxiliary systems like pumps, panels, pipings, and ventilation etc. as per O&M manual of the manufacturer and or the original installation contracts.

(iv) Clean bulk oil storage tanks at specified intervals and remove and dispose off the sediments.

(v) Monitor exhaust gases as prescribed under the pollution Control Board.

(vi) Clean on regular basis, the sludge deposits in the exhaust scrubber and dispose of the sludge.

(vii) Check levels, controls and leakages from hosepipes safeties for proper functioning.

(viii) Maintain electrical and DG system operational parameters with records of maintenance and breakdowns analysis and corrective actions taken and maintain a log of the daily pattern of current and power drawn, power factor etc.

(ix) Ensure all cables and wire connections are clean and firm.

(x) Ensure contacts in all breakers are clean and mechanical operations are smooth and firm.

(xi) Ensure all light fittings inclusive of luminaries, lamps, ballasts, starters transformers, connections etc are in proper working conditions at all the times and replacements are carried out promptly.

(xii) Take necessary steps to have inspections by statutory inspectors carried out at specified intervals and ensure all license/permits are valid all the times.

(xiii) Ensure timely bill payment of the single Point electricity which shall be collected through the prepaid billing system.

(xiv) Any other requirements not specified herein but falling within the scope of work of Facility Management Agency in common parlance.

(xv) Ensure availability and storage of Diesel for smooth operation of the DG set. The cost of diesel shall be charged from .

(xvi) (xvii) To conduct periodical checks/survey of the power backup supply as per the sanctioned load to the individual flats.

Check list


• Keeping a check on DG Set by maintaining log books

• Temperature of Chilled water, Discharge pressure, load of AC Plant

• Water Tank Filling

• Voltage and Power factor of L.T. Panel check

• Every hour load check of all the equipment’s

• Checking of Fire System & Equipment’s

• Checking of Security Equipment.

Weekly Checking

• AHU Servicing

• Exhaust Fan Cleaning

• Thorough check of LT Panel

• Checking of Fire Extinguisher

• Servicing of Boom Barrier.

Monthly Checking/Servicing

• All Pump Servicing like: Jockey pump, Fire Hydrant, sprinkler, chilled water pump, etc.

• Transformer check

• Checking of Voltage Fluctuation Device

• Servicing of BMS Panels

• Servicing of Elevator

Half Yearly Checking/Servicing

• Servicing of DG Sets

• Annual Service/Check

• Servicing of AC Plant


(i) To clean at regular intervals (bi-annual) all overhead and underground tanks.

(ii) To ensure that there is no deposition of sediments or growth of algae in the tanks.

(iii) Ensuring proper functioning of valves and rectification of any water leakages through valves & fittings.

(iv) All water meters etc. if required should be logged as per requirement.

(v) To ensure that the potable water supply is better than the standard prescribed and regular testing of the water at government approved laboratory.

(vi) Checking all pluming fittings in toilets for its proper functioning.

(vii) Attending the general plumbing complaints of the individual flats.

(viii) Maintain and repair water line systems, pipes, valves, traps, drains, basins, tubs, sinks, coolers and other plumbing fixtures and equipment.

(ix) Cleaning of the Water Treatment plant/filtration system installed for common use.

(x) Operation and Maintenance of fountains and falls.

(xi) Any other requirement that may arise in future.