Floor Restoration & Crystallization Services


Crystallization is a process by which the marble / granite floor are able to acquire a large amount of brightness We have a specialized team for restoration / crystallization service for your entire facility includes reception, corridor, bathroom, office area etc

The most effective method for stone / marble surfaces restoration is following the complete series of industrial diamond pads method. To carry out this process requires polishing chemicals / series of diamond pad and a polisher machine this method allows to re polishing the stone with successively finer pads & polish to bring back a shine to a stone.

Care & Maintenance

The crystallization process has an estimated duration in a year, but this will vary depending on two factors: the level of traffic and care to be given the floor.


In order to keep your granite or marble at their original appearance and protect from staining, scratching and dulling .we have Periodic maintenance program. We will attend at scheduled intervals (high or low frequency visits) to maintaining and re-polishing your marble or granite areas. Also we’ll polish to high traffic areas, instead full area restoration. Polishing with powder also brings back a like “mirror” shine. This is a well solution for regular stone maintenance.

Maintained granite or marble floors gives visitors the impression that they are inside of luxury building or apartment. Our maintenance visits will helps to keep your stone areas looks new throughout the years.

Crystallization Features:

– In the process of stone crystallization, heat of friction is helping to give to the stone surface more shining.

– Crystallization process will never make a build up on surfaces, like waxing.

– Crystallization also helps to create a slip-resistant surface. – Crystallization is result of the chemical reaction on the surface of the stone.

The crystallization process provides a high gloss finish on the marble surface