Horticulture Services

Shine & standard provides our client the qualified staffs that have expertise in Horticulture and Flower management with top of the line efficiency

(i) Maintenance of lawns, flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, greenery all indoors and outdoors plants.

(ii) Weeding including elimination of grass and weeds from cracks and joints within/outside building, sidewalks and curbs. Mowing of lawns & disposal of grass etc.

(iii) Watering of lawns, plants, trees and potted plants for proper maintenance.

(iv) Daily cleaning of lawns.

(v) Pruning of shrubs, bushes, trees. Trimming of unwanted branches, cutting of edges, round digging.

(vi) Application of rich soil evenly over the sunken garden and plants to ensure its proper maintenance.

(vii) Fertilization of the plants and lawns to ensure better health of the plants.

(viii) Plantation of seasonal and flower plants.

(ix) Disposal of the debris and waste in the eco friendly manner.