Plumber Services

We offer Plumbing works services which is handled by our skillful Plumbers. All the Plumbers are trained on real time situations and work efficiently as per the clients’ requirements. We possess years of training and experienced skilled Plumbers who offers services with constant innovation and uncompromising quality.


(i) To clean at regular intervals (bi-annual) all overhead and underground tanks.

(ii) To ensure that there is no deposition of sediments or growth of algae in the tanks.

(iii) Ensuring proper functioning of valves and rectification of any water leakages through valves & fittings.

(iv) All water meters etc. if required should be logged as per requirement.

(v) To ensure that the potable water supply is better than the standard prescribed and regular testing of the water at government approved laboratory.

(vi) Checking all pluming fittings in toilets for its proper functioning.

(vii) Attending the general plumbing complaints of the individual flats.

(viii) Maintain and repair water line systems, pipes, valves, traps, drains, basins, tubs, sinks, coolers and other plumbing fixtures and equipment.

(ix) Cleaning of the Water Treatment plant/filtration system installed for common use.

(x) Operation and Maintenance of fountains and falls.

(xi) Any other requirement that may arise in future.