Why Us ?

The management team of shine & standard has an unsurpassed level experience in the industry, which provides shine & standard with the ability to produce an efficient and high quality operation.

Shine & Standard Housekeeping cleans, protects and beautifies health care and industrial property. Our personnel are thoroughly trained in the use of state- of –the art cleaning processes, Equipment usage, sanitation techniques and the handling of

biohazard us materials. Overall, our scope of Housekeeping Services provides a continuous “total clean” environment, one that is reassuringly apparent to patients and guests.

Smooth Start-Up

To ease your changeover concerns and ensure a smooth transition to our services, we offer a seamless process for changeover. We establish your confidence in us by dedicating an entire team to start-ups.

We’ll first meet with you to identify your site requirements, from your key housekeeping goals to your safety requirements. Then we follow a transition checklist so that no aspect of the transaction is overlooked.

A Team You Can Count On

How do you know you can count on Shine & Standard Management team? With full-time recruiters on staff, we prescreen and hire qualified, enthusiastic personnel. And we keep them motivated with award programs, benefits, incentives, and internal promotions based on exceptional performance.